First steps

Well, here we all are. Its the beginning of blogging so theres no point in wiring some wordy manifesto or long apologia a la beginning of Tristram shandy, although I suspect that elliptical style will take some time to unravel. But I’ve decided I’m just going to jump in and see what happens….

We have three weeks to go on The Borgias 2 and its always the really fun bit; the story lines are coming to a head and we have been in each others pockets for almost 6 months so the boundaries between art and life become blurred. There is some cracking work going on though in all departments; Paul’s visuals get ever richer, david Leland’s vision is clear and brilliant, we are all so in our parts that we don’t really have to act anymore and the guests are all superb. Steven Berkoff came in and gave a master class not only in acting but in professionalism, dripping in grease and with only a thin layer of clothing in -5 outside on the backlot. Its an honour and a privilege to work on this show; I’m gonna miss it here….


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