The Hour

The Hour is a prestigious Tv show on BBC2 about the birth of Modern Britain as seen through the eyes of a young team working on a groundbreaking news show on- the BBC. Its set in the Fifties and stars the very brilliant Ben Wishaw and Romola Garai alongside Dominic West with whom I worked a few years ago when he came in to take over from Rufus Sewell in Rock n Roll, a play by Tom Stoppard about Czechoslovakia which we were doing in the West End. Anyhow, they are selling The Hour as a British version of Mad Men, which it isn’t- its slightly better in some ways on a tiny proportion of their budget, mainly due to Abi Morgan’s scripts- and they have asked me to be in it for some reason.

So as The Borgias starts to wind down, The Hour starts to wind up. And if you think Ascanio Sforza is dark, wait til you meet this guy…..


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